Prayer Focus Week 1

 Our Neighbors CLC 100 Miles of Prayer form

Pray without ceasing. (1Thessalonians 5:17)

Let's focus our prayer this week on our neighbors - those that we see in and around our neighborhood.

Think about... parents, children, teens, elderly.  Pray for them personally - their needs, struggles, joys.

Think about and pray for their financial provision, job situations, school situations, emotional, spiritual, and the everyday kinds of things that each of us may encounter.  i.e. keeping it real

Pray for a hunger for spiritual understandings, open doors for conversations, and wisdom for us as to how to reach out as we see them and talk or simply wave as we walk by or run or cycle or see them during our activity.

Happy prayerful miles!


  1. This morning on my neighborhood jog, I was inspired by the Lord to pray for the people in each house I passed to acknowledge the Lord today in new way. If they hadn't thought about Him recently, that today they would think about Jesus. If they had thought about Him recently, that the Lord would minister to them in a new way today.


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